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If you want or NEED to sell quickly without all the hassles, or want to avoid listing your house with a real estate agent, we may be able to help.  We specialize in finding creative solutions to real estate problems that others won't touch. We buy houses from people in situations just like yours everyday.

We Have Helped People in All Sorts of Situations:

-Ugly Houses
-Vacant Properties
-Bad Tenants
-Bad Neighbors
-Damaged Property
-Tax Problems
-Inheritance Wars

We Specialize in Complicated Situations! (Professional & Confidential)
-We Can Make Your Payments and Pay All Closing Costs!
-We Can Handle Any House, in Any Situation, at Any Price.
-We offer a lot of real estate and property services.

Selling your house with us can be as easy as this 4-step process:
Step 1:  Submit your info.  Use our handy web form to tell us about you, your house, and your current situation. Or just call us. If we don't answer right away, leave a message and someone will get right back to you.

Step 2:  We'll Call You Back within 48 hours, usually way faster than that.  We will discuss your property, schedule a time to come see it, and in some cases make you an offer right over the phone.   

Step 3:  You can accept or reject the offer with no obligation, or list your property for sale with us and we'll put our marketing skills to work FOR YOU. 

Step 4:  You get the Cash you need. 

When you work with us, you can: 
-Sell your house quickly in AS-IS condition, leaving the mess and costly repairs to us 
-Leave what you don't want behind 
-Avoid putting your house on the market, dealing with agents and tire kickers 
-Avoid agent commissions 
-Get a free home value analysis 
-Guaranteed offer within 72 hours 
-Close in as little as 7-10 days, but always on your timeline 
-Avoid Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, or other garnishments 

Contact Us, and we'll usually get back to you within a few hours.


We can make you an ALL-CASH offer within 72 hours of receiving your information and seeing your house.  

Here's a few thoughts about the differences between cash offers from investors and retail negotiations involving agents and traditional financing:
Statistically speaking, the older the house, the more tens of thousands of dollars it will take to repair it to the level it needs to be to pass inspections, and sell or rent on the open market.  How old is your house?

There are many benefits to accepting an all-cash offer and closing quickly:

-In an older house, you never know what surprises lay in those walls with the plumbing, electricity, mice, roaches, mold, etc. Unloading it to an investor makes it "not your problem anymore."

-There could be something terrible going on in the neighborhood that even you don't know about that could affect your sales price.

-It is possible that this house will never sell on the open market, for whatever reason, and your house could sit on the market for literally years.

-Get Money Fast!

-Unlike a retail buyer, we're not going to make you fix the roof, clean out the basement, kill the termites, or do anything that you don't want to do.

-Often times your house is not worth as much as you or your real estate agent think it is. Starting by interviewing an investor can give you an honest and no-punches-pulled evaluation of your property, and can help you "keep it real," or be "true to yourself." Going into things with over-inflated expectations is never good and only leads to disappointment.